Arcane Delights Radio Show 15 – Creation Records ’80s Special (Mixcloud 21/6/22)

Tracklist :
Felt –The Final Resting Of The Ark
The Loft – Up The Hill And Down The Slope
The Jasmine Minks – Ghost Of A Young Man
Meat Whiplash – Don’t Slip Up
The House Of Love – Destroy The Heart
The Bodines – Therese
The Jesus And Mary Chain – Upside Down
Biff Bang Pow! – It Makes You Scared
Slaughter Joe – I’ll Follow You Down
Momus – Murderers, The Hope Of Women
The Weather Prophets – Worm In My Brain
The Sneetches – Another Shitty Day
The Legend! – Melt The Guns
Razorcuts – I’ll Still Be There
Pacific – Barnoon Hill
Emily – Reflect On Rye
The Revolving Paint Dream – In The Afternoon
Biff Bang Pow! – If I Die
Felt – A Wave Crashed On Rocks

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