The original intention of this blog was to shed light on the music in the margins – those lost or simply obscure records which, through no fault of their own, have somehow faded into the background. Since then, our remit has expanded somewhat to include the joys and perils of record collecting and the ebb and flow of the music industry.


Please do not reproduce any of the articles or artwork published here, either in part or whole without first contacting us at : kraftwerkian71@gmail.com

Disclaimer : Any opinions expressed here are those of the individual writer and are not necessarily shared by Arcane Delights.

The Contributors

Glen Johnson

After a stint behind the counter in the rare records section of Nottingham’s infamous Selectadisc in the late 80’s/early 90’s, Glen Johnson moved to London and swiftly fell under the employ of Rough Trade Records, where he ascended from lowly A&R scout to Label Manager (1994 – 2003).  Running the Rough Trade Singles Club and later, a new subsidiary imprint, Tugboat (named after the Galaxie 500 song), he signed, amongst others, Low and Life Without Buildings.  In 1996, Johnson formed a new band, Piano Magic, repeatedly toured throughout Europe, collaborated with the likes of Dead Can Dance’s Brendan Perry, John Grant and Vashti Bunyan, signed to (and left) 4AD Records, released 12 studio albums across a multitude of labels; eventually calling it a day in 2016.  He still makes music as Textile Ranch, Future Conditional and under his own name, whilst on the side, manages his own imprint, Second Language Music and the legendary Topic Records, the oldest independent record label in the world.  

Aaron Tilford

Aaron Tilford is a Los Angeles-based DJ, designer, writer, and publisher of the independent literary art journal Spunk. He has curated shows in New York City at envoy enterprises and the Leslie-Lohman Project Space.    

Jonathan Griffin

Jonathan Griffin is an electronic musician from London, UK. His lifelong enthusiasm for listening to exciting, intriguing and beautiful music remains undiminished.

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