Arcane Delights Radio Show 13 (Mixcloud, 19/4/22)

Tracklist :
Glaxo Babies – This Is Your Life
Eyeless In Gaza – The Feeling’s Mutual
Bron Area – Dancing
Piscine et Charles – Empire
Oliver Cherer – Saint Giles At Imber
Woo – It’s Love
The Wake – Torn Calendar
The Durutti Column – Paradise Passage Road
Silver Servants – Jerusalem
The Leaf Library – A Stone In Water
Treasury Of Puppies – Bränna, känna
Loopsel – För din skull / Bones
L’ocelle mare – Téléphone, Guitare, Interrupteurs, Membrane…
Test Dept – Shockwork
Nurse With Wound – Rock ‘n’ Roll Station

Thanks to Lars Sørensen for the recommendations!

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